Free financial education workshops

We are pleased to offer free financial education workshops for schools and colleges nationwide to help students understand more about money.

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These workshops are for groups of 30-35 students in KS3-5 (13-18 year olds) and are ideal for enrichment days, PHSE/Citizenship lessons or career insight days and complement existing financial education provision.

Workshops are delivered by a network of volunteers (Education Champions) who are personal finance professionals, members of the Personal Finance Society and who have passed our internal financial education sign-off process to deliver workshops in schools.


My future finances

  • Understanding the value of everyday expenses
  • Considering personal long-term goals
  • Evaluating goals according to a range of incomes

Staying safe from scams

  • Recognising different types of financial scams
  • Identifying possible characteristics of scams
  • Taking steps to prevent being a victim of scams

Moving on from school

  • Understanding the key features of a payslip
  • Explain different types of income deductions
  • Understanding how the Government uses tax and NICs to fund public services
  • Calculating gross and net income

Making decisions and risk

  • Discovering why people may choose to take risks with their money
  • Understanding different types of financial risks and whether they carry a high, medium or low risk
  • Understand how insurance and other methods can be used to protect against financial risks

Opening your first Bank Account (KS3)

  • Understand key terms in banking
  • Know what information is required by banks
  • Be aware of some of the different types of bank accounts
  • Understand the process of opening an account

Understanding Debit & Credit (KS4-5)

  • Understand the difference between debit, credit and debt
  • Be aware of different types of credit and the importance of APR
  • Understand difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ debt
  • Recognise that you have choices, each of which have consequences

Loans & Mortgages (KS5)

  • Be aware of different types of loans
  • Understand the significance of interest rates on repayments
  • Know more about Student Loans
  • Understand key terms around mortgages

While our main form of delivery is through our Education Champions coming into your school, we have adapted these workshops to free online sessions for students to access remotely or as part of independent study to support you with remote financial education provision. These sessions can be accessed here.

School ASSEMBLY TALKS (30 minutes or less)

Moving on from school Assembly (KS4-5)

  • Be aware of some of the options available to you when you leave school
  • Be aware of the need to live within your means and have a budget
  • Understand more about pensions

Personal Finance Assembly (KS4-5)

  • What is meant by Personal Finance
  • Credit & debt
  • Building a budget
  • Why managing money matters

Identity theft & Scams Assembly (KS3-5)

  • Identify some of the different types of scams
  • Recognise possible characteristics of scams
  • Reduce the chance of falling victim to a scam

Discover Fortunes – introduction to a career in personal finance (employability)

The aim of this session is to introduce students to some key personal finance concepts as well as providing them with an opportunity to understand a bit more about the personal finance profession. This session is designed for groups of 20-35 students aged between 14-18.

This fun, interactive workshop enables students to work together and help build their communication and team working skills. Set around a board game, students work together to decide on the financial planning options of different clients across 4 categories (pensions, savings, investments and protection). You can see the introduction to this session here.

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