Start saving now

You don’t need to save huge amounts from the start. Most people aren’t saving as much as they need to, to reach their retirement income goal. So if this applies to you, you’re not alone. But it’s better to be saving a little rather than nothing.

The later in your career you leave it the more you will have to save each month. It is better to save something now and begin to build up than to start a lot later on in your career.

You can use the Money Advice Service’s Pension calculator to work out how much you need to start saving to reach your retirement goal »

Your pension investment options

If you haven’t made an investment choice then the money you are saving will be invested in the default fund for the pension scheme you are enrolled in. If you are not sure where your money is being invested then you should check with your employer or pension provider.

It is normal that you will be asked about where you would like to invest your pension savings. Pension providers try to keep this as simple as possible and offer a range of funds which are suitable for most people. These funds will invest in different assets and carry different levels of risk.

More information about investing your pension savings »

Where can I get some advice?

In some cases, saving for retirement can become complicated, and you may feel you need to speak to a professional about your pension policies and how they are invested. If you feel you need advice about what to do, it is worth speaking to your financial adviser.

If you do not have an adviser, you can search for an adviser local to you here »