Meeting with your advisor

Should I prepare?

You should ask yourself the following questions so that you can provide your adviser with a clear picture of why you need their advice:

  • You should take details of any savings, investments, income, current financial products, insurance etc. that you currently have.
  • What do you want to gain from the advice – do you have a lump sum to invest, are you buying a property, are you planning for your retirement?
  • Do you need one off advice or do you want ongoing advice over a period of time?
  • Do you have a spouse or partner who should be involved in the meeting?

What should I expect?

Make sure you feel comfortable with the adviser you have chosen as they will ask you a few personal questions such as:

  • You’re relationship status
  • Whether you have children or other dependants
  • Your age and health
  • Your income and spending commitments
  • The rate of Income Tax you pay
  • Your current financial products and any other significant assets you already have.

You will also be asked a series of questions to assess your attitude towards money and risk, and to identify your priorities and goals. Your adviser will use all of this information to identify what the best course of action is for you, and which financial products – such as specific pension schemes or annuities -suit your needs and circumstances best.

Your financial plan

Your adviser will then offer to implement the financial plan for you and will give you the following information:

  • Information about the fees and charges associated with the plan and products you are buying (including investment charges etc.)
  • Details about the products they have recommended for you
  • They will explain to you about your right to change your mind about buying a financial product and how long you have to do so

If you’re unsure or don’t understand anything about your financial plan make sure that you ask for further explanation before committing to a plan or product.