Terms & conditions

As a professional body, The Personal Finance Society (PFS), part of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) group, upholds standards, professionalism and public trust at the core of its values. The Personal Finance Skills programme aims to provide financial education workshops to schools/colleges across the United Kingdom, with these principles at the heart of their work. 

This document outlines our expectations for educators in schools and colleges, who are participating in our financial education workshops. 

By placing a booking request with us, you agree to these terms.   

References to ‘Education Champion’ relate to the volunteer facilitator, who will be leading a workshop at your school/college.  Education Champions are members of the Personal Finance Society (the professional body for personal finance professionals) who have joined this initiative on a pro bono basis, with the common goal of improving students’ financial competency, by taking time out of their working lives, to lead these workshops. 

As the majority of Education Champions do not have a DBS certificate, it is the school’s responsibility to make sure that they are always accompanied by a member of staff whilst moving around the school and during the workshops.

The My Personal Finance Skills team are here to fulfil your request and ensure all logistics are set up prior to the event taking place. Should you have any questions or queries, they are your first point of call. They are reachable, via email on skills@thepfs.org

The My Personal Finance skills team will only ever email regarding free school educational workshops thereafter.

Workshop information

Prior to and on the day of the workshop:

  • All communication should be between the teacher and the My Personal Finance Skills team.
  • Teachers will be introduced to Education Champions and we expect there to be some contact prior to a workshop but any communications regarding changes, adaptations or new requests should always come via the My Personal Finance Skills team.
  • Information about the workshop should be circulated to any member of staff that will be present during the workshop as well as to reception staff to inform of the external visitor’s arrival.
  • The teacher should make sure that any presentation slides, videos etc are fully functioning prior to the arrival of the Education Champion, smoothing out any IT related issues.
  • All equipment for the workshop, including projector, slides etc should be set up ready prior to the Education Champion arriving at the school/college.  The Education Champion will have all resources needed, but students are required to have pens and, depending on the workshop, access to calculators.
  • The teacher will outline where the Education Champion is to meet on the day of the workshop and advise on parking facilities.
  • A member of school staff must meet the Education Champion at the reception around 15 minutes prior to the workshop and escort them through the school, making sure they are not left unsupervised during their school visit.
  • Upon arrival, a member of school staff should outline the school’s child safeguarding policy.
  • The Education Champion should be shown to the room that the workshop will be delivered in. Where several workshops are taking place in succession, we expect teachers to try and allocate the same room to prevent any confusion, time wasted with repeating set-up.
  • All students will be required to complete a short evaluation form at the end of the session. Completed forms should be returned to the Education Champion after the session is delivered.
  • Information from these evaluation forms may be used in our reports, our website or in other ways deemed appropriate by us and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018.
  • Feedback should remain anonymous. Any feedback forms that contain students’ names should be discarded.

Expectations from the teachers during the workshop:

  • As Education Champions are visitors to the school, it is important that teachers support them to reinforce structure to the workshop and to limit any student distractions.
  • Teachers are ultimately responsible for the management of the class. Teachers are expected to lend support to presenters in delivering workshops and ensure students are respectful and cooperative with Education Champions. Teachers should be prepared to step in at any time if necessary.
  • As the majority of Education Champions do not hold a DBS certificate, we expect a member of teaching staff to always be present during a workshop.
  • Teachers are expected to be engaged and involved in the workshop/topic.
  • Teachers should support the Education Champion with any IT related issues.
  • Following a workshop, a short feedback form will be circulated with teachers.  We expect teachers to complete this and provide any direct feedback as a way of improving and enhancing the programme for future students.


We appreciate that from time to time there are unforeseen circumstances that require a school/college to cancel a workshop. Prior to your workshop, if you need to change the time or date of the event, please let the My Personal Finance Skills team by emailing skills@thepfs.org as soon as possible, giving us the time to rearrange and confirm the Education Champion’s availability.


Sessions contain financial guidance. Guidance is for information only and should not be taken as a recommendation for your individual circumstances. Only regulated financial advice can provide you with a specific course of financial action to take based on your individual circumstances and goals.